The Many Faces of Sir Edward Fairfax Rochester

Edward Fairfax Rochester. No more should be written about him. It has already been done millions of times because the literary Church has doctors and I only dedicate myself to a humble writing. But today I woke up to the deeply Victorian foot and in love. And if there is a paradigm of more Victorian love, that the gentleman of Thornfield Hall, Edward Rochester. He, Fitzwilliam Darcy and the immense Heathcliff are the Holy Trinity to the most passionate and devoted spirits of the Victorian romance novel.

I forget about Jane Eyre and company. This goes from how Eyre and a hundred million like her succumb to the devious and ravishing soul of one of the best male literary characters created by a woman. And it goes from those many faces that have been borrowed on a screen. Do you keep one? With none? Let’s see.

Many movies and television series have been shot about Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë’s classic published in 1847. We have from a first silent version of 1918 (almost a hundred years now) to the last one in 2011. I mean, there are quite a few faces for the rough, particular, romantic and tormented Edward Rochester.

I have chosen those of those six actors, two North American and four British. And I’ll take the portraits of the British. His character is well known both for his strong containment of emotions and for his rapturous passion when they let them out.

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