Eviction of COVID-19 patients from housing complex condemned

The housing complex in San Francisco de MacorĂ­s housed patients with the virus They denounce that it will be delivered to members of the PLD and not to people in need Representatives of different sectors in San Francisco de MacorĂ­s have expressed their rejection of the eviction of 25 patients affected by coronavirus who were receiving medical attention in the Aguayo housing complex in this city, to hand over the apartments to leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD ).

The local branch president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), Dr. Marcos Bonilla, said that this was not the time for government authorities to hand over said housing complex, where they were assisting people affected by coronavirus.

He understands that the complex for patients affected by COVID-19 should continue to be used until the health authorities manage to control the pandemic. Since they took the measure, the union member expressed the need for the Government to enable another isolation center for patients with COVID-19 in this city.

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